Sunday, November 2, 2014

New Mountain Lion!

New Mountain Lion!!! Everything about this video is telling me it's definitely a new big cat, and it's probably one of the recent four cats that passed by. Only three days after the family of four were here, this lion that I don't recognize, stopped by on Monday at 5:00am. The lion's behavior is different than the other lions that stop by, does not have a limp or hip injury and doesn't appear to be the resident male lion. He or she also stares at the camera for a long time like it's something new and then has a little spring in it's step as it takes off. Then at the very end of the video, the lion quickly stops to look around like he or she is getting familiar with the area. (UPDATE) So I discovered part two of the "new lion" video, a few days later. It's the new mountain lion passing by the "kill site" camera, fifty minutes later, about a mile away. I definitely do not recognize this big cat.

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