Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Poacher in Big Dalton Canyon!!! Who is this guy?

Busted!!!! This asshole was illegally hunting on Sunday, November 9th at 9:40am.


  1. Your camera happens to be in the area of "Hunt Number A-31 (Los Angeles Archery Either-Sex Deer Hunt)". Check out
    The deer hunting season is from 9/27/14 to 12/31/14.
    I can understand your disapproval of hunting, but this man is not doing anything illegal.

  2. Agree with Mike. Perfectly legal and not an A-hole.

    1. YES this ASSHOLE is illegally hunting!!!!!!! First off you don't know where my camera is exactly located. I of course do know where it is, and could pinpoint it on a map. Which I did. The map that shows the boundaries for hunting. And of course I focused on Big Dalton and it's surrounding areas. He was absolutely not in an area where hunting is allowed. He was on city property, in the city's wilderness park. That's a fact. Plus, he was not even heading anywhere near a patch of forest where it is legal to hunt. Not even close. I know exactly where he was at and his options for moving around in the area. None of them legal and not in any legal hunting zones whatsoever. I mean I'm not just gonna talk shit and publicly accuse this guy of a crime without doing some research.

    2. Perfectly legal? You obviously haven't done your research on this specific area concerning this specific incident. You just haven't.