Saturday, December 6, 2014

Male mountain lion, bobcats, a ringtail, a fox and some horny deer!

A compilation of a few different animals over the last five weeks at a few different camera spots. First a Bobcat in the secret canyon, some horny deer getting it on, a one eyed Ringtail, the big male Mountain Lion, a healthy little Black Bear, a cute little Gray Fox marking it's territory and the male Mountain Lion again in new spot called Bridge Canyon (a name I made up). Then back in the secret canyon, a curious Bobcat checks out my camera and then finally the male Mountain Lion returns to the secret canyon making another one of his rare daytime appearances.


  1. Very nice. Didn't know there were ringtails in So Cal.

  2. The fox really needed to reclaim the territory. Remind to not sit on that log! And what do you think the female deer is saying, please Buck, not in front of the camera!