Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fresh kill! Again for the third time. Mountain lions feeding!

Oh my!!!! I just found a fresh kill in the "kill site" canyon! Boy I got some work to do.
Lights, cameras, action! Stay tuned. I hope this big cat returns tonight.
Dinner for two! I did not expect this! Two mountain lions return to this fresh kill at 5:21 pm. Only an hour after I left. The DSLR really did it's job yesterday. Thank you again Denis Callet for building this awesome camera.

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  1. Your photos and videos are great! I lived for years in Glendora and hiked all over the hills. So many people living so close to the wilderness and yet completely unaware of what is going on just a short distance from their property lines! Thanks for bringing it all to life. I just bought a place in Lytle Creek, my property backs to the SB Natl Forest. I've heard a mountain lion screaming frequently and have smelled it - but haven't caught a glimpse of it. I seem to have a game trail that cuts behind my house. Any suggestions for a trail camera so I can monitor what's coming and going? Can't afford the fancy set up you have, I'm afraid. I've seen gray fox, coyotes and ringtails - and the resident bear!